April Fool’s Day King: Google FTW

Everybody’s favorite tech day of the year! April Fool’s Day is a great day to be a nerd, what with the abundance of clever geeky jokes and hilarious nerd culture references.  YouTube was a very close second with their fantastic video about “Viral Videos from 1911” even going so far as to include an option to do it to any video you start watching (in America at least). Viral video references are in proliferation here and they’re pretty fantastic. My favorite moment has to be the “Bed Intruder” parody.

Runner Up: YouTube 1911 Viral Videos:

Grand Champion Prize still goes to Google for their massive roll out of various April Foolery. Here’s the list so far:

  1. Google search “helvectica” or “comic sans“. You’ll see.
  2. If Chrome was your browser of choice, try out Google’s new ChromeLite extension. Text based isn’t always faster…
  3. Biology nerds will appreciate Google’s new model edition to the Body Browser: Google Cow
  4. Third greatest video you’ll see today (+1 for the Star Wars reference)

And the creme de la creme of Google’s shenanigans: Gmail Motion. Using a keyboard and mouse is sooo 2000 and late bro. All the cool dudes are using motion control. While certainly no competitor to Kinect, it promises more “natural” text input. As the video demonstrates, its slightly less than “natural” and leaning more towards “coworker alienating” and “children frightening”. Either way you’ll find the demo video quite hilarious.


Honorable Mention:

Any Linux-heads/literary buffs in attendance will appreciate this next link: The Canterbury Disto. The only way this could get better would be if somehow Lucas Film got in on this and injected some midichlorians. Too much? Possibly. Either way I know what’s going on my next Linux build. Have a great April Fool’s Day folks!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

HTC posts new Flyer Video

Well I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be intrigued by a tablet that wasn’t running iOS, stock Honeycomb, and MAYBE Windows 7, but HTC certainly puts up a fantastic case and I’m more than tempted to throw some cash at them. Most impressive I think from this video is their tight integration with the Calendar, your notes, and the audio. This is a real world solution to a very frustrating problem in college or the business world. That, plus the “more for work than play” Scribe Pen seems to brings some valid extra utility to having something running HTC’s Sense versus straight Honeycomb. I still think their home screen widgets (including that abomination of a clock/weather widget) are all a horrible waste of space, the rest of the UI seems to be really intelligently laid out. I hope the overlay on the video calling goes away, that was a little over bearing. Their notes app and the sketch app all seem to bring (dare I say it) an almost Apple like quality to the Android platform. It’s clean, refined and easy to use. It’s also a lot more integrated between Contacts, “People” (not like WP& thank God), Notes, and Social Networking it all seems to bring a very unique interface that has some desktop replacement qualities but remains far enough away that it’s finger friendly and just might take some buyers away from the iPad 1/2 (That’s 1 and/or 2 not half).

Any way, I’ll do more of run down of tablets/their respective OS’s when more come to market probably by late summer/early fall. Here’s the video: