Government Shut Down: T-4 hours (Update!)

Never thought I’d see this happen. It appears that our government is pulling this as close as a freshman final project. With less than 4 hours till midnight, Congress has yet to pass a budget. If this happens our government operations will be shut down. This puts thousands of jobs at risk and bringing daily life in D.C. to a full stop. It is still possible that things could turn around, but the outlook is bleak. I’ve found a website that breaks it down hour by hour exactly what will happen should midnight come and nothing is passed. Say a prayer America! We’ve got to get our crap together!

Hourly Breakdown Link: Here

Washington Post Link 1 Link 2

Huffington Post Lists Side Effects: Link 1

NY Times: Link 1

UPDATE: Seems like a deal might be closer to being resolved. I remain hopeful, but prepare for the worst. For those of you without a TV (including me) here’s a link to a live blog from CNN about the current status of affairs. Keep praying. Link