Flashing Back to Froyo, Goodbye Gingy

Sad, I know. But in the name of keeping current with other custom ROMs I’m giving Froyo a new lease on life. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get fed up with 2.2 and end up flashing back to Gingerbread again. And I can promise I’ll be flashing whatever custom Gingerbread ROM I can get my hands on for the Droid 2. *fingers crossed* I’ll see ya on the other side!

Random: Smartphone can solve dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube, Can You?

I personally can’t even finish one regular Rubik’s Cube, but apparently that’s just too easy for this guy. Well, more specifically this guy’s HTC Desire. A decent piece of hardware no doubt, and the phone ain’t too shabby either. You see, I’m mostly impressed with the Mindstorms NXT set being used. Mad props to the robot builders again showing off just how far Lego has come. Enjoy the video.