More Posts to Come!

Hey so, I just decided to check back in on this thing and I’m shocked at the amount of hits I’ve been getting. I’m not sure exactly how many are real people, how many are bots, and how many are completely lost internet pedophiles, but I appreciate your traffic nonetheless! To salute you, I promise to post something random here once a day starting today, Wednesday April 4th. They may not be noteworthy, but at least I’ll be writing something. I’ve been working on a couple boot logos for my new Galaxy S2 and I plan on sharing those as well as some new Perry art work also for my phone. Any requests, comic ideas, or complaints about my lack of racial diversity* are welcome, just sound off in the comments, or email or tweet @ me.

You stay classy, world wide web.

*complaints of any kind are unwelcome and will be shot on spot. Have a nice day! 🙂

Perry! I mean… Agent P! (Chrome Theme)

Here it is folks! The theme you’ve all been waiting for!

That’s right! Perry the Platypus (aka Agent P) is now taking over your Chrome browser!

Available for free download right now from the Chrome Web Store or via my mediafire link, this is THE Chrome theme for any Phineas and Ferb fan.

Enjoy it as it is but feel free to hit me up with recommendations or requests and I’ll see what I can do.

Download link:

Chrome Web Store Link: