Its the Weekend, Gimme a Break!

Alright so maybe professionalism isn’t really working out here. I work weekends and between that and some epic Nerf gun battles I’m a pretty busy fella. I’m keeping up on things via Twitter and other tech blogs, but nothing supremely noteworthy has really come out. I did want to do a piece on the Acer Iconia Tab, but I think I’ll wait till I can get a hands on. With essentially the same hardware (including an identical Tegra 2 SOC) as the Xoom at only $450 it just might be the tablet to buy. If I have the time tomorrow, however, I think I’ll end up doing my first (ha) “My First ____” post. Since no one bothered to provide input via my polls, I guess I’ll make an executive decision. But you’ll still have to check in tomorrow to see what I pick! Ahh! A cliffhanger ending!
You stay classy, World Wide W….

We’re here!!!!

The new house is officially ours for the next year! Internet is a low priority for now, but thankfully we’re still covered in free city-wide WiFi. I have to applaud the government on getting this one right. Since we live close to a street corner I’m pulling in 5 bars of 2mbps connection! Depressing for gaming and streaming, yes, but the ability to pay the bills post on my blog is invaluable. Therefore, I bid you welcome to ADB 2.0 with an all new color scheme and focus. I can’t wait to have more free time to post here and in preparation of that I’m going to be starting a new series of “My First Blank” and then replace “blank” with some various device or experience with some prominent software. I think it’ll be easier to be more consistent about the posting for it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Until next time,
You stay classy, World Wide Web.