Final: CyanogenMod 7.0

Yessiryee, the day I’m sure many of you (lucky) folks have been waiting for is finally here. Although judging by the fact that you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also been running the release candidates if not the nightlies before that. I know when I have my Droid 1 I was, and boy was there a lot to get excited about. Cyanogenmod, the ubiquitous community driven custom ROM from the dev Cyanogen, brings new functionality to many phones. Some phones have long since been dropped from support, therefore extending their usable life. My favorite example is that the GSM/CDMA HTC Hero is still officially supported. The Droid Eris, EOL from Verizon after only 6 months on the shelf, is also getting official builds. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to let me flash her Droid to it just for the sake of trying it out, but it’s not going so well. The reason being, my studly Droid R2D2 is not officially supported. Not even unofficially! We have a dev apparently, just like for the Ultimate Droid, but nothing has been released aside from that. This is quite a tragedy and actually makes me really regret getting this phone. I’m sure a lot of Droid X users aren’t entirely happy either considering they’re in the same boat. Regardless, anyone else on the official (or unofficial) supported phone list should most definitely hit up the source link to get their Mod on. Stable Gingerbread with excellent community and theme support for a large number of phones is what CyanogenMod is all about, and this newest release is sure to be a great one.

Device List: Here

Not any quality videos on YouTube yet, hopefully I’ll get my own up showing it off on a Droid 1. 😛

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First Custom GB ROM for DX/D2!!!

Rubix Blurry Bread is the name, and bringing you some custom Gingerbread action is the name of the game! Although it remains to see exactly how much work has been actually done, Rubix is the first to get a running ROM out the door. From what I can tell on the forum, not too much has been changed except for removing almost all stock apps and some preset speed hacks. I know I said I’d flash this ASAP, but as this is not an actual release for the Droid 2 (just Droid X at the moment) I’ll be waiting till I can confirm this will work on a Droid 2 no problems. I have work tomorrow, so no flashing tonight. But if I check again tomorrow and some update is posted, I’ll try it tomorrow night. Early comments say its even faster, which I’m definitely interested in, but this is all on the Droid X. The fact that it’s also enough of a pain to get to Gingerbread is daunting enough for me to put it off a day. I’ll post back when I can find more out and give it a go myself. Either way, it is possible and someone has done it: Custom Gingerbread ROMs for your Droid X/2!!!

Source: Droid Forums

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