Working on a Hackintosh, Any Hints?

Hey faithful readers! Anyone out there ever work on putting OS X on non Apple hardware? More commonly referred to as a “hackintosh”, I’m looking at creating my own and I’m having a bear of a time. I did manage to find this and they’ve been very helpful. I guess I’m mostly looking for reasons to continue pushing this till it’s 100% working. It’s proving to be a major PITA even on pretty generic Intel hardware. I’m trying it on my girlfriend’s Acer laptop, hoping the lower requirements for OS X will help her enjoy this beautiful two+ year old machine a little longer. Any hints, tips, tricks, links are welcome. No OS bashing though!!! Telling me to give up and go buy a Mac Book is not helpful. Unless you’re willing to foot the $2,000 bill. Then go ahead, I take donations. 🙂

Windows 8: We’ve got an App Store too!!!

Not to be out done by Apple’s Mac App Store, the Amazon App Store and pretty much any Linux distro the folks in Redmond may just be working on their own version of the “generic App Store” for the next version of their desktop OS, Windows 8. Why the turn towards a centralized software versus the traditional “insert installation disk” setup? Find out after the break. Continue reading