Liberty 2.0.1 Up and Running!

I know this is a little belated, but I’ve finally got internet up and running (no thanks to city’s free wifi) to get some blogs in. First up: Gingy is now officially gone. Sad, I know, but believe me you I was sad to see it go too. Rest assured, the instant ANYTHING Gingerbread based and custom is posted, I’ll be flashing and blogging. Until then, I’m already running the latest and greatest Liberty for the Droid 2 and Droid X. Seeing as I only own a Droid 2 currently, anything I post about the ROM is from that standpoint.

Early Impressions: Fast! I didn’t think a Froyo ROM could really step into the huge shoes left behind by even the stock Gingerbread, but damn did those Liberty devs do a good job of cleaning up this ROM. It just goes to show how big a difference it can make between newer stock software with bloat versus a streamlined custom ROM. Trimming the fat of the stock ROM really makes this phone fly. It’s not a totally universal “flying” type speed like Gingerbread, but it is a significant improvement over both stock Froyo and my Apex ROM I was running before. It’s also easy to manage and 95% AOSP so I felt right at home from the get go.

More on the rest of the ROM after the break.

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Liberty 2.0 ROM Set for Public Release Tomorrow

Don’t get your hopes too high for this, but it looks as if JRummy16 has semi-confirmed via Twitter that his Liberty 2.0 ROM will be made public some time tomorrow. We have no reason ┬áto doubt him, it’s just that life happens. I for one put little faith in ETA’s, but nevertheless will be watching the thread and flashing the hour I can. Speed improvements and a reworked base and toolbox are my highlighted features, but you’ll have to make up your minds about whether this ROM is worth flashing to your Droid 2/X versus the ever so trendy leaked Gingerbread. We’ll find out tomorrow! And I’ll be here first letting you know all about my impressions.

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