Leaked: Get some Skype Video on that Tbolt!

While originally promised to be shipped with the Thunderbolt stock, Verizon backed out at the last minute on an Android first: video calling via Skype. Well, someone at Skype apparently goofed and Droid-Life.com wasable to pick up the apk and host it for download. Install is like normal with every other Android package, and it looks to be darn near perfectly stable according to early responders. I’m sure many early adopters will be thrilled to see that ridiculous 4G bandwidth be put to good use. Also of note: the app does NOT enable the feature on any other phone than the Thunderbolt right now, but hackers are working on it. So if you’ve got an Android device with a front facing camera you’ll just have to wait. Also of note is that it is functional for video over 3G on the Thunderbolt, put bless your heart if you can even make out the person on the other end with that kind of connection. The future is here, ladies and gentlemen, it just needs a little more bandwidth. Get the download now for your Thunderbolt here.

Image and Source: Engadget