Not How to Do It: HTC Won’t be Bringing Sense 3.0 to “older” devices

Caught a look at that shiny new Sense 3.0 from HTC and thought, “damn that’s gonna look good on my Incredible or Desire HD”? HTC apparently doesn’t think so. Although both of those devices (and any other HTC device that came out before the Evo 3D, Sensation, and Flyer) will be getting an official update to Gingerbread, that software roll out will be running the (dated, in my opinion) Sense 2.0 that they came with. Yes, speed and battery life improvement are sure to abound, as well as enhanced gaming API support and all that, but really? Is the new skin that intensive that it requires a dual core? Hear more of my opinion and what devices will be getting Sense 3.0 after the break. Continue reading

Random: Smartphone can solve dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube, Can You?

I personally can’t even finish one regular Rubik’s Cube, but apparently that’s just too easy for this guy. Well, more specifically this guy’s HTC Desire. A decent piece of hardware no doubt, and the phone ain’t too shabby either. You see, I’m mostly impressed with the Mindstorms NXT set being used. Mad props to the robot builders again showing off just how far Lego has come. Enjoy the video.