Government Shut Down: T-4 hours (Update!)

Never thought I’d see this happen. It appears that our government is pulling this as close as a freshman final project. With less than 4 hours till midnight, Congress has yet to pass a budget. If this happens our government operations will be shut down. This puts thousands of jobs at risk and bringing daily life in D.C. to a full stop. It is still possible that things could turn around, but the outlook is bleak. I’ve found a website that breaks it down hour by hour exactly what will happen should midnight come and nothing is passed. Say a prayer America! We’ve got to get our crap together!

Hourly Breakdown Link: Here

Washington Post Link 1 Link 2

Huffington Post Lists Side Effects: Link 1

NY Times: Link 1

UPDATE: Seems like a deal might be closer to being resolved. I remain hopeful, but prepare for the worst. For those of you without a TV (including me) here’s a link to a live blog from CNN about the current status of affairs. Keep praying. Link

We’re here!!!!

The new house is officially ours for the next year! Internet is a low priority for now, but thankfully we’re still covered in free city-wide WiFi. I have to applaud the government on getting this one right. Since we live close to a street corner I’m pulling in 5 bars of 2mbps connection! Depressing for gaming and streaming, yes, but the ability to pay the bills post on my blog is invaluable. Therefore, I bid you welcome to ADB 2.0 with an all new color scheme and focus. I can’t wait to have more free time to post here and in preparation of that I’m going to be starting a new series of “My First Blank” and then replace “blank” with some various device or experience with some prominent software. I think it’ll be easier to be more consistent about the posting for it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Until next time,
You stay classy, World Wide Web.