How to Do It: Sony Ericsson’s Bootloader Unlocking Website Goes Live

This is how things are supposed to be. Sony Ericsson has locked bootloaders on its phone. Why is this a good thing? Because it keeps people from messing up their phones. However, if you do want to mess up your phone (and if you’re reading this you probably do) the website, as promised, has just gone live giving you the option to unlock  said bootloader in the name of freedom. And also some kickass mods. Some stipulations are in place, this will most likely void any warranty you have as well as possibly decreased performance and a non-functioning product. If you’re willing to look past all that (and please good devs do) the link below is all you need to get started loading up some custom software on that new gameconsole Xperia phone of yours. More opinion after the break.

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Not How to Do It: HTC Won’t be Bringing Sense 3.0 to “older” devices

Caught a look at that shiny new Sense 3.0 from HTC and thought, “damn that’s gonna look good on my Incredible or Desire HD”? HTC apparently doesn’t think so. Although both of those devices (and any other HTC device that came out before the Evo 3D, Sensation, and Flyer) will be getting an official update to Gingerbread, that software roll out will be running the (dated, in my opinion) Sense 2.0 that they came with. Yes, speed and battery life improvement are sure to abound, as well as enhanced gaming API support and all that, but really? Is the new skin that intensive that it requires a dual core? Hear more of my opinion and what devices will be getting Sense 3.0 after the break. Continue reading

Liberty 2.0 Update: I’m Not So Sure About This Guys…

FREEEEDOM!!!!! (Mel Gibson as William Wallace)

Well after the excitement of having something new to flash this week (See: Ooh! Shiny!) eventually wore of, I started to realize how I really can’t go back to 2.2. Gingerbread really is that much snappier (baking joke). It’s nothing wrong with Liberty 2.0. I can’t stress enough how unfair this review is. Had Liberty 2.0 come on 3 weeks ago and Gingerbread not have been leaked until 2 weeks from now this would be hands down the fastest, most customizable, and easy to use ROM available for the Droid X/2. This is a fantastic ROM. If you’re hooked (like me) on being able to customize your Android experience and are looking for the most stable way to do that to your new phone, this Liberty 2.0 is definitely the answer. I can seriously find almost nothing wrong with this ROM. I feel horrible for the timing of it because Gingerbread really stole a lot of their thunder here. Make no mistake, Team Liberty has cranked out a spectacular ROM here and anyone not willing to make the jump to either stock Gingerbread or waiting for some custom GB ROMs (like me) will be in no way disappointed. Read more after the break. Continue reading

Official: Droid X Users getting Gingerbread OTA

Once again treating the Droid 2 like the stepchild of the family it is, the Droid X is first to get a true, official update OTA to Android 2.3.3. This update does appear to be at least somewhat different than what was leaked out just 2 weeks ago. The main difference many are jumping to conclusions about is a mysterious .jar file labeled “netflix”. Stipulations abound that perhaps Motorola got their licensing figured out and could enable Netflix on their already to market Droids. I for one hope that this isn’t something exclusive to the Droid X and does in fact make it’s way to the Droid 2. No OTA has been confirmed for the Droid 2, but I’m sure there’s a couple brave souls out there willing to SBF back to stock to try out. Apparently its not all Droid X’s getting the OTA, it’ll probably take a while to reach everyone. Not that anyone reading this will probably want to take the OTA till we can confirm it has been rooted. P3droid is currently running it on his Droid X, so I’m sure it won’t be too long before we have something to go on. His earliest tweets suggest this update patches a lot of security holes from the leaked ROM so we may be waiting quite a while. In the meantime, how’s everyone doing with the original GB leak? Still running it? Too lazy to downgrade back? Depending on how my day goes I may just flash back to 2.2 to see if I can get anything on my R2D2 unit. Once we get root, it’s gonna be hard to turn down that super smooth Gingerbread update if it has Netflix baked in. Can’t wait!

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Source: P3droid,

Beauty of Choice: The Mobile Realm (Pt. 1)

I’d love to say I’ve found one ROM that meets all my (sometimes ridiculous) needs, is super fast and stable, and supports all my apps, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m addicted to the idea of managing my blog from my phone so I’m hesitant to go to Gingerbread again, but I’m getting kind of annoyed with some of the things on Liberty 2.0. Yes, the pros still outweigh the cons. The main pro for staying with Liberty at least another week being the massive amounts of customizations. My Oreo Slice + 4G + Slight Honeycomb hacked together theme looks just fantastic to me. Custom transition animations and custom pulldown back ground help me make my phone truly mine. More on this subject and others after the break! Continue reading

Final: CyanogenMod 7.0

Yessiryee, the day I’m sure many of you (lucky) folks have been waiting for is finally here. Although judging by the fact that you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also been running the release candidates if not the nightlies before that. I know when I have my Droid 1 I was, and boy was there a lot to get excited about. Cyanogenmod, the ubiquitous community driven custom ROM from the dev Cyanogen, brings new functionality to many phones. Some phones have long since been dropped from support, therefore extending their usable life. My favorite example is that the GSM/CDMA HTC Hero is still officially supported. The Droid Eris, EOL from Verizon after only 6 months on the shelf, is also getting official builds. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to let me flash her Droid to it just for the sake of trying it out, but it’s not going so well. The reason being, my studly Droid R2D2 is not officially supported. Not even unofficially! We have a dev apparently, just like for the Ultimate Droid, but nothing has been released aside from that. This is quite a tragedy and actually makes me really regret getting this phone. I’m sure a lot of Droid X users aren’t entirely happy either considering they’re in the same boat. Regardless, anyone else on the official (or unofficial) supported phone list should most definitely hit up the source link to get their Mod on. Stable Gingerbread with excellent community and theme support for a large number of phones is what CyanogenMod is all about, and this newest release is sure to be a great one.

Device List: Here

Not any quality videos on YouTube yet, hopefully I’ll get my own up showing it off on a Droid 1. 😛

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First Custom GB ROM for DX/D2!!!

Rubix Blurry Bread is the name, and bringing you some custom Gingerbread action is the name of the game! Although it remains to see exactly how much work has been actually done, Rubix is the first to get a running ROM out the door. From what I can tell on the forum, not too much has been changed except for removing almost all stock apps and some preset speed hacks. I know I said I’d flash this ASAP, but as this is not an actual release for the Droid 2 (just Droid X at the moment) I’ll be waiting till I can confirm this will work on a Droid 2 no problems. I have work tomorrow, so no flashing tonight. But if I check again tomorrow and some update is posted, I’ll try it tomorrow night. Early comments say its even faster, which I’m definitely interested in, but this is all on the Droid X. The fact that it’s also enough of a pain to get to Gingerbread is daunting enough for me to put it off a day. I’ll post back when I can find more out and give it a go myself. Either way, it is possible and someone has done it: Custom Gingerbread ROMs for your Droid X/2!!!

Source: Droid Forums

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