Deodexed Booting!!! FINALLY

After nearly a dozen full wipes back to 2.2 stock, I finally have the deodexed leak of the new Gingerbread Blur ROM booting and functional on my Droid 2 R2D2. This is a big deal for me. Mostly because it means I’m not afraid to do a lot more mods, but I’m also working on getting more of those Star Wars goodies back on there to post on

UPDATE: Just like that it all goes to hell again. I would recommend not using the Anim Mod for Root app on the Gingerbread leaks. I’m not sure if it’s gingerbread or the leaks, there seems to be little concrete about these leaks’ compatibility, but this app certainly does not work. As soon as it applied the new animations (a framework-res.apk mod) after the reboot I had multiple force closes. Not a happy camper. Will update if I get this figured out. SO CLOSE