Official: HTC Sensation for T-Mobile

Rise of the superphones! With the HTC Evo 3D set to release on the Now Network, just (yesterday) HTC has announced their GSM (two dimensional) alternative. Dubbed the Sensation, it brings a similar 1.2ghz dual core, a 540×960 (qHD) resolution 4.3″ screen and dual cameras to T-Mobile in the U.S. and Vodaphone in the U.K. It beats out its CDMA cousin sporting an 8MP camera in the back capable of 1080p recording at 30FPS. It also brings with it the new Sense 3.0 software skin from HTC. All of this running on top of an Android 2.3.3 base and the same sexy stylings that have made HTC so popular (for better or for worse). It’s coming sometime this summer to the US but will launch in Europe mid-May. Till then you’ll just have to watch this promo vid and read Engadget’s hands on here. I’ll be doing a post later on about my opinions on Sense 3.0 and the improvements/changes HTC has made.

Video after the break.

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Galaxy S II Annihilates the Competition (at Quadrant)

I try my best to steer clear of the temptations with synthetic benchmarks, but it’s hard to ignore the power Samsung plans on bringing to the table. Clocking in at a heart stopping 3053 with the stock software, the Exynos 1.2ghz dual core chip sets quite the bar for any super smartphone coming out this year. This certainly is impressive, but it also shows how little the app (or Android 2.3.3 thus far) is built to handle two cores working in sync. 3053 at 1.2ghz is great, but the Xoom at 1.5ghz only scores 3105. More info and comparisons after the break.  Continue reading

Windows 8: We’ve got an App Store too!!!

Not to be out done by Apple’s Mac App Store, the Amazon App Store and pretty much any Linux distro the folks in Redmond may just be working on their own version of the “generic App Store” for the next version of their desktop OS, Windows 8. Why the turn towards a centralized software versus the traditional “insert installation disk” setup? Find out after the break. Continue reading

Its the Weekend, Gimme a Break!

Alright so maybe professionalism isn’t really working out here. I work weekends and between that and some epic Nerf gun battles I’m a pretty busy fella. I’m keeping up on things via Twitter and other tech blogs, but nothing supremely noteworthy has really come out. I did want to do a piece on the Acer Iconia Tab, but I think I’ll wait till I can get a hands on. With essentially the same hardware (including an identical Tegra 2 SOC) as the Xoom at only $450 it just might be the tablet to buy. If I have the time tomorrow, however, I think I’ll end up doing my first (ha) “My First ____” post. Since no one bothered to provide input via my polls, I guess I’ll make an executive decision. But you’ll still have to check in tomorrow to see what I pick! Ahh! A cliffhanger ending!
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