Want to Try the New Droid X GB OTA on Your Droid 2? Now You Can!

Mad props go out to Jboxen over at DroidForums.net!!! He (or she) has concocted a way for you to get all those delicious Gingerbread ROMs that have leaked (are leaking?) working on your Droid 2!!! I haven’t had a chance to test this out myself so YMMV as of right now, but I will definitely be trying this out tomorrow. I’m going to bed after one more post. This new flashable .zip is a godsend for anyone drooling (maybe a little exaggeration) over the new leaks for the Droid X, originally thought to be an OTA. Now confirmed to just be a mistakenly pushed (but officially signed) testing update, this new leak has several improvements and I personally hope for notification LED function as well as improved backlighting on the softkeys and the hardware keyboard. I flashed back to stock 2.2 foolishly hoping against hope for an OTA that never came and then decided just to come back to the original Gingerbread leaks made for the Droid 2. I’ll be trying this method on the new Droid X Gingerbread leaks tomorrow and posting back to let you guys know how it goes. If you’ve already tried it, feel free to provide feedback in the comments. Happy flashing!

Link: Here

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Source: DroidForums.net, Jboxen

ANOTHER UPDATE: Droid X Users Not Getting Gingerbread OTA? (Yet!)

Sorry folks, you can quit hitting About Phone > System Updates. You’ve probably heard this already, but the new Droid X Gingerbread OTA said to be rolling out is NOT in fact an OTA. The confusing part was, the update was officially signed by Motorola. What most suspect happened is that this was only supposed to go to Motorola Experience testers and came from the engineer working on it himself. Which is why no one else is getting it. This was never meant to be a OTA, it just got accidentally sent to some smart chap who was able to pull all the system files and get them sent over to P3droid. P3droid (who sold his soul to the devil) then works his black magic on the files, and poof! Root has already been had via flashable patch. There’s a very complicated 3 step procedure (sarcasm, jeez) that’s detailed over at MyDroidWorld. The point of this post was not to hit whore myself but to clarify that you will NOT be getting this specific build rolled out OTA to your phone. There’s a ridiculously small chance you might, but you probably won’t. There will still be an eventual OTA rollout, hopefully for the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global as well. However, those feeling brave can go ahead and hit the source link below to get their Gingy on. I plan on going back to the original leak later today. Cheers!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Source: MyDroidWorld

P.S. Hey look! His links lasted through the night! This is a big deal. Because the files are signed by Motorola, they rightfully belong to them and they have every right to issue a C&D and have them taken down. You know what that mean, get em’ while they’re hot!