Droid 2: Your Patience has Paid Off!

Custom Gingerbread ROMs are abounding over at DroidForums.com! Yes, none are final but they are (in my humble opinion) finally ready enough for the real world. That means a featured post here on ADB! Both of the main ROM creators for the Droid 2/X have finally released some very decent, stable, and custom Gingerbread ROMs for your Motorola phone. Already got the OTA? No problem, these are just here to enhance your experience. Especially the Apex 2.0. His ROM had to be one of my favorites when I had my Droid 2. That favoritism continues with version 2.0 based on the latest Gingerbread available. His latest (RC2) build is really, truly 100% AOSP Gingerbread. No Blur whatsoever. This makes the pure Google experience of the Droid 1 totally possible and in my opinion is the ROM we’ve been waiting for. So long as there is at least one pure AOSP ROM for every phone, it will be a beautiful world. Bootloaders be damned, you can get a pure Google experience on your Droid 2 right now via the Apex forum hereContinue reading

Leaked: Droid 3 Coming Q2?

Image via Technobuffalo.com

Oooh. That beautiful slab of black you see above is most likely the next in the heralded line of Droids from Motorola. Glossy black wrapped in chrome and sporting a great looking new 5 row keyboard, this beast of a phone has already been leaked. Yeah, I know my post about it is a little late and most certainly not exclusive, but I make up for it in original commentary. And my dashing good looks. Find out all my impressions, predictions, and fantastic wizardry with just a single click! Continue reading

Beauty of Choice: The Mobile Realm (Pt. 1)

I’d love to say I’ve found one ROM that meets all my (sometimes ridiculous) needs, is super fast and stable, and supports all my apps, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m addicted to the idea of managing my blog from my phone so I’m hesitant to go to Gingerbread again, but I’m getting kind of annoyed with some of the things on Liberty 2.0. Yes, the pros still outweigh the cons. The main pro for staying with Liberty at least another week being the massive amounts of customizations. My Oreo Slice + 4G + Slight Honeycomb hacked together theme looks just fantastic to me. Custom transition animations and custom pulldown back ground help me make my phone truly mine. More on this subject and others after the break! Continue reading

Final: CyanogenMod 7.0

Yessiryee, the day I’m sure many of you (lucky) folks have been waiting for is finally here. Although judging by the fact that you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also been running the release candidates if not the nightlies before that. I know when I have my Droid 1 I was, and boy was there a lot to get excited about. Cyanogenmod, the ubiquitous community driven custom ROM from the dev Cyanogen, brings new functionality to many phones. Some phones have long since been dropped from support, therefore extending their usable life. My favorite example is that the GSM/CDMA HTC Hero is still officially supported. The Droid Eris, EOL from Verizon after only 6 months on the shelf, is also getting official builds. I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to let me flash her Droid to it just for the sake of trying it out, but it’s not going so well. The reason being, my studly Droid R2D2 is not officially supported. Not even unofficially! We have a dev apparently, just like for the Ultimate Droid, but nothing has been released aside from that. This is quite a tragedy and actually makes me really regret getting this phone. I’m sure a lot of Droid X users aren’t entirely happy either considering they’re in the same boat. Regardless, anyone else on the official (or unofficial) supported phone list should most definitely hit up the source link to get their Mod on. Stable Gingerbread with excellent community and theme support for a large number of phones is what CyanogenMod is all about, and this newest release is sure to be a great one.

Device List: Here

Not any quality videos on YouTube yet, hopefully I’ll get my own up showing it off on a Droid 1. 😛

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