Long Term ROM Review: Apex 2.0 “Beta”

Well guys I know its been a while, but life happens ya know? And one thing you can always count no matter what happens in life is that the world keeps spinning. Including the tech world! One of our favorite devs, Fabdroid/@bigxie has done just that and released the “beta” version of his Apex ROM for the Droid X and Droid 2. Now this isn’t like what most people think of when they hear “beta”. Like he says himself, it’s “beta” in the Google sense of the world. This is no doubt a daily driver ROM. I’ve been going back and forth with other ROMs based off of various (read: waaaay too many) different leaks of the Gingerbread build from Motorola. ZombieStomped, Liberty GB, Rubix BlurryBread all come to mind and none have left me properly satisfied. Granted Liberty isn’t finished yet and I’ll of course be giving it a fair shot when it’s got some polish and finish. But until now there hasn’t really been “that” ROM based off Gingerbread for our Droid 2. In fact, this is one of the few I’ve tried that’s being made for the Droid 2. Most of the ones I’ve flashed that get updated are actually Droid X ROMs and then having the DXtoD2GB.zip flash file on hand. But this Apex 2.0 has really come along and I think you’ll be very impressed with how it looks, feels, and performs.

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I’m Still Here!

I know it’s been a long weekend, but believe me I’m still kicking. I haven’t left here, I haven’t even started at my other blog yet! But I also have not been feeling the best. Sickness hit my workplace and after a long week of stay up probably a little too late I hit a wall and crashed hard. I’m recovering now, might be posting a lot later. We’ve had some great stuff happening for the Droid 2 (mostly the Droid X) over the weekend. But, thanks to Jboxen, we can try out any of those juicy new Gingerbread based ROMs on our Droid 2’s! I myself have taken him up on the promise of his DXtoD2GB converter file. This little magic file sets up the keyboard, camera, and other little fixes that make any Droid X ROM based on any Gingerbread link. That’s right, even that new leak that got sent out OTA to a few lucky Droid X users. You will have to double check in the .zip that there is no (RDL) folder or (BP) folders in the .zip according to Jboxen. Those are the files that upgrade the baseband for the radio and may in fact fry your phone’s. If they have those folders, try a different version. I can personally confirm that his latest update to include working bluetooth does work. I have a long night of flashing ahead of me, but I can confirm right now that the LexLight 4.1 (the version based on that latest GB OTA Droid X leak) does work on my Droid 2. Upon initial install the Market hot reboots on any app install, but a quick data/cache wipe fixes that up. From there it’s smooth sailing. I’ll be posting a lot more of my indepth Day 1 experience with this previously Droid X exclusive later. I’m loving it so far and will let you guys know how it goes. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I have NOT in fact left, you can still count on me for continuous updates throughout the week on all the Droid 2, Android, and tech/geek/nerd news you all can handle! I will also be starting writing for TechHog.com this week. You can check out my app reviews over there sometime this week. Till then:
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LexLight 4.1 Link: Here

DXtoD2GB.zip download at DroidForums.com

Liberty 2.0 Update: I’m Not So Sure About This Guys…

FREEEEDOM!!!!! (Mel Gibson as William Wallace)

Well after the excitement of having something new to flash this week (See: Ooh! Shiny!) eventually wore of, I started to realize how I really can’t go back to 2.2. Gingerbread really is that much snappier (baking joke). It’s nothing wrong with Liberty 2.0. I can’t stress enough how unfair this review is. Had Liberty 2.0 come on 3 weeks ago and Gingerbread not have been leaked until 2 weeks from now this would be hands down the fastest, most customizable, and easy to use ROM available for the Droid X/2. This is a fantastic ROM. If you’re hooked (like me) on being able to customize your Android experience and are looking for the most stable way to do that to your new phone, this Liberty 2.0 is definitely the answer. I can seriously find almost nothing wrong with this ROM. I feel horrible for the timing of it because Gingerbread really stole a lot of their thunder here. Make no mistake, Team Liberty has cranked out a spectacular ROM here and anyone not willing to make the jump to either stock Gingerbread or waiting for some custom GB ROMs (like me) will be in no way disappointed. Read more after the break. Continue reading

First Custom GB ROM for DX/D2!!!

Rubix Blurry Bread is the name, and bringing you some custom Gingerbread action is the name of the game! Although it remains to see exactly how much work has been actually done, Rubix is the first to get a running ROM out the door. From what I can tell on the forum, not too much has been changed except for removing almost all stock apps and some preset speed hacks. I know I said I’d flash this ASAP, but as this is not an actual release for the Droid 2 (just Droid X at the moment) I’ll be waiting till I can confirm this will work on a Droid 2 no problems. I have work tomorrow, so no flashing tonight. But if I check again tomorrow and some update is posted, I’ll try it tomorrow night. Early comments say its even faster, which I’m definitely interested in, but this is all on the Droid X. The fact that it’s also enough of a pain to get to Gingerbread is daunting enough for me to put it off a day. I’ll post back when I can find more out and give it a go myself. Either way, it is possible and someone has done it: Custom Gingerbread ROMs for your Droid X/2!!!

Source: Droid Forums

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Liberty 2.0 ROM Set for Public Release Tomorrow

Don’t get your hopes too high for this, but it looks as if JRummy16 has semi-confirmed via Twitter that his Liberty 2.0 ROM will be made public some time tomorrow. We have no reason  to doubt him, it’s just that life happens. I for one put little faith in ETA’s, but nevertheless will be watching the thread and flashing the hour I can. Speed improvements and a reworked base and toolbox are my highlighted features, but you’ll have to make up your minds about whether this ROM is worth flashing to your Droid 2/X versus the ever so trendy leaked Gingerbread. We’ll find out tomorrow! And I’ll be here first letting you know all about my impressions.

Source: Droid Forums.net

Problems Sir, Major Problems :S

Is it unprofessional to include an emoticon in your title? Perhaps, but I’m willing to throw caution to the wind as I’m pretty much having a mini freakout every time I try something new. I’m not sure on the final count, but it’s got to be about 10 times within the last 24 hours that I’ve flashed the 2.3.40 SBF from Motorola to reset by Droid 2… this is not going well. I’m back to 2.2 stock rooted for now. I’m going to keep trying various techniques and whatnot to see if I can get the deodexed version working. So far I’ve gotten the prerooted version to work just fine, actually remarkably fast for a stock ROM at 1.3ghz. Heck, 1.1ghz ULV is super speedy. I’m pretty stoked to see the custom ROMs based on this Gingerbread leak especially Apex. Long live the Droid 2!!!

P.S. I’ll also be posting more about getting the R2D2 stuff back at another time. For better or for worse, a lot of the stuff I’ve tried installing haven’t worked. Boot animation help anyone?

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