Chrome 11 Goes Final

While not adding any new functionality from the latest beta, Chrome 11 is now the latest official version you can download. Yep, it’s finally “stable” according to Google, even though that Google Maps Navigation  app you’ve been using the last year and a half isn’t. Not much has changed since hitting the big 1-0 not too long ago. Adding in speech to text and text to speech is a huge deal for handicapped users, but not so life changing for the rest of us. Security and bug fixes abound, but nothing Google is willing to release for security reasons. The only reason I can see not to update is they decided to bump that horrid icon from the Beta to the stable version. Bad move Google, bad move. Here’s to hoping the next Beta has another redesign. If you’re with me and still don’t approve of the flat, cartoonish look to the new icon, be sure to check out my guide on changing it back here.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Perry! I mean… Agent P! (Chrome Theme)

Here it is folks! The theme you’ve all been waiting for!

That’s right! Perry the Platypus (aka Agent P) is now taking over your Chrome browser!

Available for free download right now from the Chrome Web Store or via my mediafire link, this is THE Chrome theme for any Phineas and Ferb fan.

Enjoy it as it is but feel free to hit me up with recommendations or requests and I’ll see what I can do.

Download link:

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Chrome Beta 11 – New Icon, Speech-to-text (Update: How to revert to old icon!)

Google has updated its popular lightweight web browser to version 11 today. Although still tagged “beta” this software has been my daily driver for quite some time and has yet to crash on me. In comparison, the first 3 times I tried to do any WebGL related task in Firefox 4 (final) it crashed every time. This new version of Chrome also brings about GPU-accelerated 3D CSS support making for some pretty impressive (and speedy) renderings on select websites that make use of it. I noticed decently improved performance in HTML5 as well. Speaking of HTML5, handicapped users will be pleased to note that Google’s Chrome is now taking advantage of the speech-to-text API in HTML5 allowing people to literally talk to websites.

The other new thing it brings is a 2D icon. Ironic considering the 3D CSS rendering it brings, Chrome 11 has a newer, flatter icon. I do not approve of this icon; maybe its just the neophobe in me; and endeavored to switch it back to the old one. Making the icon switch in Ubuntu on my dock was easy enough swapping out the png for the original (or in my case a red icon to go with my theme). Windows 7 was different because the new dock/taskbar is kind of a pain when it comes to making custom icons not look like crap. Instead of trying to use a new (or older, depending on your point of view) png or other icon file I found a very simple, easy to do switch:

  1. Right click the dock icon and then right click Google Chrome (third option from the bottom)
  2. Left click “Properties”
  3. Select “Open File Location”
  4. In there you should see two programs (.exe). One is “chrome.exe” the other is “old_chrome.exe”. We’re going to use the “old_chrome” icon for a shortcut to the “new” Chrome.
  5. Right click the new “chrome.exe” and select “Create Shortcut”.
  6. Right click that shortcut and select “Properties”
  7. Click “Change Icon”
  8. Click “Browse”
  9. It should come up with the same folder we were just in. Select the “old_chrome.exe” to pull up the original Chrome icon. If it doesn’t, navigate to: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppDate\Local\Google\Chrome\Application
  10. Hit “Apply”, “OK” and exit. Tada! Original glossy Chrome icon!

There ya have it! Change isn’t always a good thing, and I like having a way to change things how I like. Enjoy!

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