Ad-Supported Kindle $25 Less on May 3rd, Trending Please

The idea isn’t a new one: sell a device/app for a lower sticker price based on the ad revenue you’ll be generating. This makes several popular apps (Tap Tap Revenge, Dungeon Defenders) actually free and is similar to how book sales help keep the Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color down to only $250 regular price. Well, Amazon is now taking the same principal and directly applying to the sales of their e-reader device. The ever popular Kindle will soon be available in the ad-supported (sound familiar app users?) form for $25 less than its ad-free brethren. Available at Best Buy and Target for $114, its the same e-reader experience with the added “benefits” of ads on both your screensaver and the home screen. They have confirmed there will be no ads on your books anywhere, but the screensaver looks annoying already. Continue reading