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Hey so, I just decided to check back in on this thing and I’m shocked at the amount of hits I’ve been getting. I’m not sure exactly how many are real people, how many are bots, and how many are completely lost internet pedophiles, but I appreciate your traffic nonetheless! To salute you, I promise to post something random here once a day starting today, Wednesday April 4th. They may not be noteworthy, but at least I’ll be writing something. I’ve been working on a couple boot logos for my new Galaxy S2 and I plan on sharing those as well as some new Perry art work also for my phone. Any requests, comic ideas, or complaints about my lack of racial diversity* are welcome, just sound off in the comments, or email or tweet @ me.

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*complaints of any kind are unwelcome and will be shot on spot. Have a nice day! šŸ™‚

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone? Update: With Hands On Video!!!

If you’ve been holding out on installing that gorgeous looking (but not so beautifully running) Ice Cream Sandwich build until you can use that unlimited 3G you pay so dearly for (like myself), this latest version courtesy of the king himself might just change your mind. Yes, all radios are now working, including 3G, phone in/out, SMS in/out, and MMS in/out. Wifi was a little bit iffy (read: didn’t actually connect) in my testing, but the 3G works great including Market installs. This is a great improvement from V1 that was a crazy fast test build more or less. With working 3G, even without a camera, video playback, USB mass storage or working signal strength, the ability to use data everywhere as well as text and make calls means this is my new daily driver. Stability is remarkably good. I’ve only have Google+ force close in the background a couple times and that’s it so far. Granted, I’ve only had it a couple hours, but I’m very excited because it can only get better from here. And believe me, its pretty great already. Give it a flash yourself, but remember to repartition to a BML based ROM first as this one has differently sized MTD partitions. Also, the only way to get to recovery is via 3-finger and SuperUser has to have the binary flashed manually but it can be done via Rom Manager from the Market. Also, the new Google Music app and Music-enabled Market work great. Music syncs right up and lets me download the free song of the day. This was kind of a big deal for me, so I thought I’d include that. I’m gonna try and get a video uploaded of a quick hands on. I also posted a ~2100 in Quadrant with Voltage Control (which works!) set at 1300 noop and on demand. I didn’t have force GPU acceleration enabled and it hung for like 3 minutes on “Database read/write: Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā 2/4” but finished. All the 3D modelling tests ran horribly, 15fps average. JT has already given so much for our phone, I’m unbelievably grateful to him. Can’t wait to get even more functionality! Stay posted over at the source link!

Source: RootzWiki

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~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I just got done with this (atrocious) hands on video for those of you who’d like to see how it runs without having to completely repartition your phone. Enjoy!

Android 4.0.1 ICS V2 Alpha Build on Samsung Fascinate

The Android App – Download Now!

Yes, you read that right. Through the magic of The Verge just became a little easier to access on your Android device. Sure it’s no natively developed application, but come on. It’s better than nothing! Plus it has that nifty icon! Hit the source link to get your download on, or you can just continue on with your day, manually navigating to their website when you could have just downloaded this simple app… It’s ok, don’t be shy.

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Download Link: HERE

OG Motorola Droid 1 Getting “Project”?

What’s this? An official “project” (update?) possibly coming for the grand daddy of Droids? One’s eyes tear up at the thought, am I right? As per an email sent out to members of the Motorola Feedback Network, it appears Motorola is preparing some kind of project for the 2 year old device. What is this project? Nobody can tell for certain, but here’s hoping some of that Ice Cream Sandwich might drip off the new Droid RAZR. A man can dream can’t he? I’ll have my wife’s Droid 1 at the ready, and I’ll post here if anything comes my way.

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Source: Droid-Life

P.S. I would like to publicly apologize for that horrible photoshop. I’m truly sorry.



CM7 on Samsung Fascinate: Soooo cloooose!

Aside from the improper exapanditure of words and the creation of a new word to describe aforementioned word expansion, there is some really good things happening in the world. The biggest and most important of them all? World peace? Some senatorĀ embarrassingĀ himself publicly? This? No, my friend. If you’re an active Android modder and happen to own a Samsung Fascinate (such as myself) then today is a great day. While technically released yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to write till today. Therefore, since I’m writing the news, I MAKE THE NEWS.

CyanogenMod 7 (nightly build can’t remember exactly which one) has now become about 90% complete for the Sammy Fascinate. Yes, really. The only thing not working right now is the MMS (who uses that?) or some issues with deep sleep. There’s a work around for the deep sleep (look up “soft lock” on the Market) so I’m gonna go ahead and start using this as my daily driver from here on out. I’ll let you know how it ends up working out in a long term ROM test later this week. For now, you guys can go ahead and get your hands on this hotness at the source links. Happy Modding Monday!

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Flashing Back to Froyo, Goodbye Gingy

Sad, I know. But in the name of keeping current with other custom ROMs I’m giving Froyo a new lease on life. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get fed up with 2.2 and end up flashing back to Gingerbread again. And I can promise I’ll be flashing whatever custom Gingerbread ROM I can get my hands on for the Droid 2. *fingers crossed* I’ll see ya on the other side!