Blog of the Day 1: Mt. Olive Praise Band!

No one is cooler than my little brother. Except me of course. ALWAYS ME. But still, he’s pretty awesome as far as little brothers go. As such, he’s created a sweet little slice of cyberspace pie now known as That’s kind of a mouthful, so we’re just gonna call it from here on out (That’s pronounced “mit-OH-pee-bee”). Say it really fast and it sounds like an African swear word.

Anyways, I’m gonna be helping him set it up and get it started. Anyone in the Norfolk, NE area that wants to help contribute/play in the band can head over there in the next couple days to sign up/start following them and his shenanigans. No flaming, mk? We’re all about the positive here! Hit the source link below to head on over and show them some love!


P.S. Here’s a poll to see how many of you think that’s just the most awesome praise band banner image ever. Am I right?



Promise: New Posts are Coming!

I know, I know. Promises are like nickels. They’re actually 75% copper! And easily lost. But I promise my promise is more of a promise than a transition metal. My phone is coming in Friday or Monday (here’s hoping to the former more than the latter) and as soon as its here I’ll be posting all about my second experience with this phone. I also did manage to obtain a white one (yay eBay!) and will allow you to live vicariously via all my random posts. If you happen to own one, let me know in the poll below, I’m curious to see how many of you are still here after the whole Droid 2 debacle. You guys enjoying the OTA Gingerbread? I’m gonna enjoy CM7.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

ADB 3.0 is Here!!!

Oh yeah baby! Purple and black and looking fiiiiine. Not much going on now, I know I’ve been a little (read: a LOT) lax in getting this thing updated, but I’m kinda starting to get into a groove with work and should be able to add new posts more regularly. I also know I’ve said this several times before, so take this with a grain of salt. 😛 Anyways, my sexy white Fascinate really did seem to have seriously erratic 3G/radio behavior. Texts and calls worked fine, but signal strength was all over while standing still and 3G just seemed to cycle on and off every 15 seconds. The inconsistent data pretty much rendered the phone useless, so I’m getting a replacement hopefully sometime this weekend. I will definitely post when I get my next one. Hopefully we’ll have some breakthroughs for the bluetooth or camera drivers from Samsung. Stupid proprietary PITA’s. I did get a chance to run CM7 on it before I returned it and it was glorious. This phone really feels like the super phone it is. If only this thing had a front facing camera (“FFC” from here on out) it would be perfect. Love the 720p video, just kinda need that stable 3G connection. Hopefully this next one will be better. Any hints, tips, tricks guides to what NOT to do with ROM/kernel/radio flashing? Leave a comment, help a brother out!

Stay classy, World Wide Web!

New Phone, New ADB 2.0?

Believe it or not, I’m abandoning my Droid 2. Yes, I know tearful. But it had to happen. Why? To be perfectly blunt, Motorola is royally messing (like to use another word…) their phones with this locked down bootloader bologna. Samsung and HTC have taken the stance of being open to development and it was Motorola that even got this ball rolling! I don’t know what got into their heads (I’m looking at you Verizon) but I don’t like it. The inability to access core functions of a phone at the kernel level is crippling the ROMs available for the Droid 2/x. In all honestly, the fact that they have the incredibly customizable (Froyo) ROMs at all is amazing considering what they’re working with. I’ll still keep on the development side of things from time to time (a la Twitter) and post some significant things to happen here. But it will be significantly less, I’m sorry.

But then again I’m really not because my new phone is…

…Drum insert drum roll here… Continue reading

PSA: This Blog is Rapture/Raptor Proof

Have no fear! Come hell or high water (or ravenous rampaging raptors) this blog shall press on! There was an alliteration and a pun in that last sentence, so I’m already off to a great start. Personally, this rapture business is all a bunch of bologna, but I’d just thought I’d let you know we’re gonna be ok. Also, I kinda wanted an excuse to photoshop the above image. It’s pretty late my time… Anyways, feel free to comment your plans for our last day here on Earth! I’ll still be here, looking forward to more great Android innovations, Droid 2/X ROMs, and all the stuff worth living for. Mostly bacon…

Food for thought.

Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” Launches!

It’s that time of the year again boys and girls! Yes, April. This month and October are two of my favorite months. Why you ask? While yes I do look forward to the changes of the seasons, the primary reason remains my obsession with Canonical’s open source Linux operating system, Ubuntu. If you don’t know what Ubuntu is, you’re missing out on one of the most feature packed and heavily supported Linux distros available. Unity (the previously netbook only desktop environment) is now the default and that may turn off a few users. Rest assured, it’s easy enough to switch back to good old Gnome. Firefox 4 becomes the new default browser and Banshee has replaces Rhythmbox for your music player. There’s also tons of work done on the backend, as usual, and if you want to give it a try to find out more, it’s easier than ever with Live CD’s and USB images available. And it’s free! What are you waiting for? Give it a whirl! It just might change your mind about that little penguin!

Download Ubuntu 11.04 here!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Image courtesy of, thanks!

Dude, I Got An App!!!

Yep, if browsing in the mobile browser takes just too long, we’ve got ya covered. Thanks to the cool chaps over at, I know have an easy to access Android app for you guys. Sure all it does is point you to the mobile site, but that’s not the point! WE’VE GOT AN APP!!! It’s not on the Market just yet, but I’ll let you know if that happens. Till then, feel free to hit the download link here right now. Why are you still here? Get downloading!!!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.