Working on a Hackintosh, Any Hints?

Hey faithful readers! Anyone out there ever work on putting OS X on non Apple hardware? More commonly referred to as a “hackintosh”, I’m looking at creating my own and I’m having a bear of a time. I did manage to find this and they’ve been very helpful. I guess I’m mostly looking for reasons to continue pushing this till it’s 100% working. It’s proving to be a major PITA even on pretty generic Intel hardware. I’m trying it on my girlfriend’s Acer laptop, hoping the lower requirements for OS X will help her enjoy this beautiful two+ year old machine a little longer. Any hints, tips, tricks, links are welcome. No OS bashing though!!! Telling me to give up and go buy a Mac Book is not helpful. Unless you’re willing to foot the $2,000 bill. Then go ahead, I take donations. 🙂