PSA: Sony Hacked Again!!! D’oh!

Enjoying your PlayStation Store access? After weeks of being down the PSN is finally (almost) entirely up again. But wait, what’s this? As per, Sony Pictures has indeed been hacked. While not quite as big a publicity deal as pulling down the whole PSN, over 1,000,000 accounts have had information compromised. Passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, dates of birth and any opt-in information has been compromised. This is similar to the PSN attack, but quite a lot more individuals, and even more pathetic was how they were obtained. The method used was a simple SQL injection and (if you can even imagine doing this) what’s worse is how all the information was stored. They weren’t even encrypted! They were in plain text!!! This is beyond unacceptable for home or office files, let alone a major corporation. I think I speak for everyone when I saw that Sony as a whole needs to get its head out of its ass and use some kind of basic security. This is beyond atrocious and unreasonable and Sony must make this stop. None of this should have ever happened and it’s going to be a long time before people can ever really trust Sony again. *slow clap*

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Dude, I Got An App!!!

Yep, if browsing in the mobile browser takes just too long, we’ve got ya covered. Thanks to the cool chaps over at, I know have an easy to access Android app for you guys. Sure all it does is point you to the mobile site, but that’s not the point! WE’VE GOT AN APP!!! It’s not on the Market just yet, but I’ll let you know if that happens. Till then, feel free to hit the download link here right now. Why are you still here? Get downloading!!!

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Where I’m At: Hint, It Starts with a “T” and Rhymes with “Rired”

So I’m pretty much done for tonight but I wanted to get one quick post in before logging off. I’m currently running the Droid 2 Gingerbread leak. I will be trying the Droid X to Droid 2 for GB converter tomorrow morning. Froyo, even Liberty 2.0 just wasn’t cutting it. I am going to bed now.

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Government Shut Down: T-4 hours (Update!)

Never thought I’d see this happen. It appears that our government is pulling this as close as a freshman final project. With less than 4 hours till midnight, Congress has yet to pass a budget. If this happens our government operations will be shut down. This puts thousands of jobs at risk and bringing daily life in D.C. to a full stop. It is still possible that things could turn around, but the outlook is bleak. I’ve found a website that breaks it down hour by hour exactly what will happen should midnight come and nothing is passed. Say a prayer America! We’ve got to get our crap together!

Hourly Breakdown Link: Here

Washington Post Link 1 Link 2

Huffington Post Lists Side Effects: Link 1

NY Times: Link 1

UPDATE: Seems like a deal might be closer to being resolved. I remain hopeful, but prepare for the worst. For those of you without a TV (including me) here’s a link to a live blog from CNN about the current status of affairs. Keep praying. Link