About the Author

Oh hai Internet! Didn’t see ya there! It’s me, Wil Nelson!

Raised in Nebraska and living in Oklahoma, I’m a self declared “gnork”. You’ve never heard the term? Geek + nerd+ dork = gnork. My whole life revolves around new technology in one form or another. My main crush-turned-long-term-relationship is Google’s mobile OS Android. It kinda defines how I am as a person. Easily customizable, open to new ideas, constantly changing and pretty much totally awesome. Also apparently quite popular, but that doesn’t really apply to me… I have yet to capture the majority of smartphone platform mindshare, but it’s on my to-do list.

I’m currently 19 years old, but I believe age is only relative to how old you feel/act. We all get older, but not everyone grows up. ūüėČ

I’m a male. That may seem obvious to some, but I suppose this should clear it up if you missed it.

I’m human. Along the same lines as the previous statement, but considering this is “A Droid Blog” I could understand some sort of confusion.

Spoiler alert! I’m a Christian. I’ll repeat, I’m a Christian. I am not perfect. Not even close. But my faith is really important to me and if some issue comes up I’ll probably end up posting about it.

I’m a PC. But I run OS X in VMWare and dualboot Ubuntu 10.10. No partisanship here!

I’m a musician. Classical, strings all that good jazz. Jazz too. Oh, and I like rock. Just good guitar and clever lyrics. More posts about all that later.

I’m an internet junkie. This seems like kind of a requirement in my opinion for a blog of this type, but I digress. Common memes, internet lingo, and lolcat speak may come up. I will try to attach an explanatory link if I can.

I’m a writer. This also seems obligatory, but I think I should point out I’m not just another nerd typing random angry rants about his current fanboy obsession. I am a write first and a blogger second. This will hopefully become an extension of that, so you may also see some of my poetry and various short stories on here.

I’m a pseudo-artist. Mostly digital, but I love art. Google’s new Art Project is my late night fantasy. Feel free to bring that up too.

I’m random. I promise to keep things interesting here, but I can’t guarantee it’ll all be¬†coherent or relative. I think this world needs a little more randomness¬†and I will do my best to pitch in.

I’m out of ideas. Quit reading my bio and go check out the newest post! =P

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. hey man! luv it! …and yes i did read most about you! ….even though i already knew all that crap! ..mean.. XD luv ya man! miss ya! ‚̧ ur lil sis

  2. Jrummy, I installed Liberty 3 rom on my Droid 3. Everything works good as all the forums and reviews said….except for battery life. The reviews all said Liberty Rom would increase battery life significantly over stock moto rom. That has not happened and my main reason for flashin liberty was to get more battery life. What esle can be done in Liberty to help battery life

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