Samsung Fascinate: Where are we now?

Good morning! In case you didn’t notice, it’s been a while since I posted anything. Well, to make up for that I’m posting a wrap up article here bringing you up to speed with everything that’s been going down for our beautiful little device. And boy has there been a lot!!!

  • CM 7.1.0 Goes Stable – The ubiquitous Cyanogenmod achieved “stable” status courtesy of an official post by the Cyanogenmod team in XDA. It’s not perfect by any means, but it really is a solid stable daily driver. All sensors work, the only finaggly detail is wifi fails to load at boot if it was enabled at shut down requiring an airplane mode toggle to restore. Other than that its a terrific place to start for anyone looking for their first custom ROM. Thread Link HERE
  • JT’s Vanilla Gingerbread AOSP Builds – Just updated last night, these build share a base with Cyanogenmod so are 99% stable but remove the options in exchange for a more streamlined pure AOSP look and feel. Several mods and themes are available for this ROM over at RootzWiki. Thread link HERE
  • EI20 Unofficial Gingerbread Build Breaks Cover – Nothing has been officially released OTA as far as Gingerbread goes, but the some users have managed to pull in a new build (newer than the leaked EC09) on select phones. They have kindly released this to everyone and the base is available to download as well as a number of TW based custom ROMs such as a TSM Resurrection build. Voodoo and OC accompanying kernels are available as well.  Thread Link HERE
  • Cyanogenmod 7.1.x Nightlies Available – In case stable just ain’t your thing, nightly builds have been around for some time now to help keep you and your Fascinate on the cutting edge. Newer features (beyond the “stable” build) include fixes for auto brightness, the 3-finger recovery, and higher version numbers. Thread link HERE, mirrors HERE.
  • Glitch Kernel for MTD Based ROMs – The terrific Glitch kernel is still at V12 and should be updated to V13 very soon. It brings much more OC/UV options, different CPU governors, and many extra enhancements to your CM/MIUI ROM. It’s crazy fast at any frequency and is highly recommended. There is also an app available in the Market for $5 to get early access to RC of V13. Thread link HERE
  • TSM PoolParty ROM (CM base) – This ROM is somewhere between JT’s plain Jane vanilla GB build and a full CM build. It uses JT’s base, but has TouchWiz parts built in (part of TeamSbrissenMod’s goal) as well as some extra lock screens and such. There are also several themes built for this ROM, although they may have to be update for the latest build pushed out last night. Thread link HERE
  • ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!! – This is by far the most exciting thread out there for me right now, even though the phone/SMS/3G/camera aren’t even fully working yet. If any of you were even slightly ecstatic after seeing screenshots and hands ons with the Galaxy Nexus, none of that can compare with the awesomeness of actually using and playing around with Android 4.0.1 on a real device. Not just any device, our Samsung Fascinate too! It’s surprisingly smooth being an SDK build lacking any graphical drivers at all and can only get better once the source code gets dropped. I would highly recommend at least making a backup and giving this ROM a shot at night just to mess around with. I cannot wait for more progress to be made and enyo over on XDA is just the guy to keep chugging away. Even without source, the list of things functional on this ROM is impressive. I will be keeping close tabs on this build for sure. Thread link HERE (Also, the thread is a little “lulzy” at the moment, don’t feed the trolls! 😛 )
That’s about it for now! Hopefully if you lost track of where things were at for the last couples of months (has it really been that long???) you’ll at least be kind of up to speed. I’ll be posting new articles about recent developments or anything related to ICS probably. I’ve got a fever; and the only prescription, is Ice Cream Sandwich. 😛
You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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