ROM: CM7 on the Fascinate Heads for the Bleeding Edge (Update: Download Lynx!)

Hey guys, I know its been a while. No, don’t look at me that way! You know I still love you!!!

Anyways, after all the drama that’s been caused because of my lack of “dedication” and “hard work” I’d like to formally announce the single greatest thing to happen to my phone (and yours too) since getting any kind of CM7 build at all: We’ve already beat out every other phone besides the Nexus S for 2.3.5. That’s right ladies and germs, the Samsung Fascinate, courtesy of his majesty himself Mark Diets (better known as imnuts07) we now have a CyanogenMod 7 nightly already based off the 2.3.5 source code.

What does this mean for you? Mostly…. nothing. We don’t have NFC chips and we don’t have anywhere near 4G speeds (Damn you Verizon fixed  3Mbps CDMA network…) but it does mean you get to brag to all your other Android toting friends that you are now one version better than them! I’m currently running it on my white Fascinate with imnuts’ bundled kernel just to test its performance and battery life versus the Glitch kernel I’ve been running as of late. It’s a great time to own a Fascinate indeed. Hop on over to his mediafire link to hop on the latest Gingerbread train. And yes, we were only 1 day behind the Nexus S. How cool is that?

Stay classy, World Wide Web.


Source: Twitter

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