Droid 2: Your Patience has Paid Off!

Custom Gingerbread ROMs are abounding over at DroidForums.com! Yes, none are final but they are (in my humble opinion) finally ready enough for the real world. That means a featured post here on ADB! Both of the main ROM creators for the Droid 2/X have finally released some very decent, stable, and custom Gingerbread ROMs for your Motorola phone. Already got the OTA? No problem, these are just here to enhance your experience. Especially the Apex 2.0. His ROM had to be one of my favorites when I had my Droid 2. That favoritism continues with version 2.0 based on the latest Gingerbread available. His latest (RC2) build is really, truly 100% AOSP Gingerbread. No Blur whatsoever. This makes the pure Google experience of the Droid 1 totally possible and in my opinion is the ROM we’ve been waiting for. So long as there is at least one pure AOSP ROM for every phone, it will be a beautiful world. Bootloaders be damned, you can get a pure Google experience on your Droid 2 right now via the Apex forum here

The other ROM I’d like to promote for those of you using a Droid 2 would be the all too famous Liberty ROM. Promising freedom and well, liberty, to your locked down Motorola device this ROM is the original gangster of Droid 2 ROMs. The Gingerbread one looks awesome and has support for that all important Toolbox in its latest (0.8) version. Any major fans of the first iterations (especially 2.0 based on Froyo) will definitely want to give this one a shot. I never did bite the bullet on buying the app to test the nightlies (which are still being pushed out for those that did) but it has now gone public. Downloads are of course available here. I can’t speak on its performance (considering I don’t own my Droid 2 anymore…) but if it’s anything like 2.0 it should be an obvious upgrade. Get at it Motorola fans! Lucky ducks… 😉

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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