Portal Theme Stuffs (Update! Login Screen!)

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little bit lax in the updating of the blogs. Well, lots has happened and I’ll be getting to that in due time. Till then, I’d like to let you know what’s been occupying my time. Portal, Portal 2, and Portal Prelude. Yes, I’ve been binging hard on that most lovable puzzle solving video game. That’s not the only reason, I’ve had lots of work going on and just life, ya know? Anyways, this post is just to show off some work for a Portal “theme” I have started. I actually just got the wallpapers from this guy here over at DeviantArt, but the user picture is my own work. Feel free to download and redistribute. I’m also hoping some of you guys will post your own creations or some central link to get more wallpapers and the like. Thanks in advance! Keep thinking with portals!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Update! I’ve got a kickass login screen wallpaper for you guys to try! Picture after the break!

Source: aornish 

2 thoughts on “Portal Theme Stuffs (Update! Login Screen!)

  1. Very nice theme. I never did buy the first Portal, but I played through much of it. I bought the second one recently and I loved it. Haven’t been able to play the co-op yet, as I don’t have any friends with the game to play with. I’ll find one some time. I too have a Portal 2 wallpaper on my computer, although I think it’s a bit more loose in its portrayal of the game; it does look nice in the background, though. You can check it out here if you like:

    • Thanks. That wallpaper is awesome, but honestly a little scary, lol. Is it like the companion cubes evil twin? The Weighted Destroyer Cube? Ha. The first Portal is a great quick playthrough. I highly recommend it and Portal Prelude, an unofficial prequel to the first game.

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