Chrome 11 Goes Final

While not adding any new functionality from the latest beta, Chrome 11 is now the latest official version you can download. Yep, it’s finally “stable” according to Google, even though that Google Maps Navigation  app you’ve been using the last year and a half isn’t. Not much has changed since hitting the big 1-0 not too long ago. Adding in speech to text and text to speech is a huge deal for handicapped users, but not so life changing for the rest of us. Security and bug fixes abound, but nothing Google is willing to release for security reasons. The only reason I can see not to update is they decided to bump that horrid icon from the Beta to the stable version. Bad move Google, bad move. Here’s to hoping the next Beta has another redesign. If you’re with me and still don’t approve of the flat, cartoonish look to the new icon, be sure to check out my guide on changing it back here.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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