Support P3Droid with a Unique Android Geek Present!

If any of you are following P3Droid on Twitter (and you should be) you may have noticed he’s been tweeting a lot about something he calls a “factory cable”. What exactly is it? From what I gather of his tweets, this special cable would connect to the device directly somewhere (I’m assuming the battery terminals?) as well as to the regular Micro USB B connection. This cable automagically puts the device into bootloader mode and allows for, wait for it, powering the device whilst flashing a ROM. This can be invaluable to the designated Android flash-a-holic in your family. I’ve already signed up to have my girlfriend buy me one for Christmas. He’s looking to get 100+ people interested to help drive costs down as (from what I understand) he and a friend will be making them by hand. This makes them both unique and useful. Costs are varying right now, but the goal is $20-$30. If you want to get in on the action, feel free to hit up P3Droid on his Twitter and let him know just how nerdy you are! Noobs need not apply.

Team Black Hat Twitter

P3Droid Twitter

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