Not How to Do It: HTC Won’t be Bringing Sense 3.0 to “older” devices

Caught a look at that shiny new Sense 3.0 from HTC and thought, “damn that’s gonna look good on my Incredible or Desire HD”? HTC apparently doesn’t think so. Although both of those devices (and any other HTC device that came out before the Evo 3D, Sensation, and Flyer) will be getting an official update to Gingerbread, that software roll out will be running the (dated, in my opinion) Sense 2.0 that they came with. Yes, speed and battery life improvement are sure to abound, as well as enhanced gaming API support and all that, but really? Is the new skin that intensive that it requires a dual core? Hear more of my opinion and what devices will be getting Sense 3.0 after the break.

I’ll admit it’s pretty, but my Droid Eris ran the last version of Sense and it doesn’t even have a GPU! Not only that, but this is the exact opposite of what having a skinned UI should do! Putting your own skin over the stock Android experience is something that should tie all your products together. Telling “older” devices they can’t run the newest stuff is a slap to the face of anyone still in a two year contract. Are HTC’s developers that bad a programming? How horrible does your skin have to be programmed to require a dual core just to run the skin. We’re not even talking about the gaming or browsing or some other intensive task. This is just running the UI that you’ve made and a 1ghz device with 512mb of RAM is not going to be able to run it? This is a huge fail on HTC’s part not to upgrade “older” devices. Quite frankly I would be beyond pissed if the reason I bought an HTC was Sense and guaranteed updates. Yes you’re getting Gingerbread, but it’s late and it’s not HTC’s latest software. There’s no excuse for not having this Sense 3.0 on devices that are clearly more than capable.

This is all without bringing in the idea of stock Android or an optimized after-market ROM. Going back to by Eris, it was a decently quick Android 1.6 Sense device. I got it because HTC’s software actually made my phone a smoother more connected experience vs the Droid 1’s stock Android. Did I know how the Android world would explode like it did? No, and an unlocked bootloader and kernel were things nobody even cared about at the time. But running 2.1 Sense (an official update) made my phone sluggish. Sure, it was a little faster at somethings, but the UI I could feel was dragging it down. It took 10 seconds to dial a number for goodness sake. So what did I do? I dove into the beautiful world of custom ROMs. My (relatively) crappy little HTC Eris is now running CyanogenMod 7.0 which has Android 2.3.3 as its base and couldn’t be a faster, smoother experience. It has more really useful mods made to it and supports all the customization options my little brother (who owns it now) could ever need. How HTC did you manage to butcher hardware like this? The Incredible and Desire are both fantastic and powerful phones. Stock software should not be required to make a phone functional. If just your UI slows the phone down that much, you blew it. As much as I love HTC’s beautiful phones, this latest news is not taken lightly.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Source: Engadget, @HTC

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