Galaxy S II Annihilates the Competition (at Quadrant)

I try my best to steer clear of the temptations with synthetic benchmarks, but it’s hard to ignore the power Samsung plans on bringing to the table. Clocking in at a heart stopping 3053 with the stock software, the Exynos 1.2ghz dual core chip sets quite the bar for any super smartphone coming out this year. This certainly is impressive, but it also shows how little the app (or Android 2.3.3 thus far) is built to handle two cores working in sync. 3053 at 1.2ghz is great, but the Xoom at 1.5ghz only scores 3105. More info and comparisons after the break. 

My single core Droid 2 running at 1.1ghz ultra low voltage posts an easy 2200 in Quadrant on Gingerbread. For reference the newly announced HTC Sensation (as the HTC Pyramid) only scored 1426 in Quadrant on the same spec sheet. We’ll have to see what the real world experience is like, what with TouchWiz and Sense to be separating you from the that beautiful blistering dual core SOC.  I can’t help but wonder exactly how much more these phones would sell and how much faster they would run if manufacturers gave you the option of an AOSP build. One can dream… No matter what the software it seems, the next line of Samsung Galazy S phones are shaping up to be pretty damn impressive.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Source: Engadget@eldarmurtazin

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