Liberty 2.0 Update: I’m Not So Sure About This Guys…

FREEEEDOM!!!!! (Mel Gibson as William Wallace)

Well after the excitement of having something new to flash this week (See: Ooh! Shiny!) eventually wore of, I started to realize how I really can’t go back to 2.2. Gingerbread really is that much snappier (baking joke). It’s nothing wrong with Liberty 2.0. I can’t stress enough how unfair this review is. Had Liberty 2.0 come on 3 weeks ago and Gingerbread not have been leaked until 2 weeks from now this would be hands down the fastest, most customizable, and easy to use ROM available for the Droid X/2. This is a fantastic ROM. If you’re hooked (like me) on being able to customize your Android experience and are looking for the most stable way to do that to your new phone, this Liberty 2.0 is definitely the answer. I can seriously find almost nothing wrong with this ROM. I feel horrible for the timing of it because Gingerbread really stole a lot of their thunder here. Make no mistake, Team Liberty has cranked out a spectacular ROM here and anyone not willing to make the jump to either stock Gingerbread or waiting for some custom GB ROMs (like me) will be in no way disappointed. Read more after the break.

Bugs/Annoyances: Just got to get this out of the way: there’s little to nothing wrong with this ROM. Since the small 2.0.1 patch, I have yet to hit either a snag, freeze up or hot reboot. Yeah really. Before the patch, trying to get into the Liberty settings brought nothing but frustration. Once the new toolbox is downloaded and installed you’re good to go though. The one time that I did run into trouble with this ROM, eventually leading to a reinstall, was my messing with the optional Blur addons. I would advise against this. Apex has the best of both worlds down, but Liberty is too AOSP to try and mix it. My problems came from trying to add in the (I think superior) Blur camera app. I loathe the AOSP camera interface (the app seriously looks like it came from 2001) and I find the Blur app to be both more useful, quicker, and waaay better looking. However, as  soon as I had the Blur camera installed I began experiencing some unpleasant side effects. The Blur camera also has to install the Blur Gallery app and it conflicts highly with the stock Android one. I’d have pictures that were taken with one show up in the other Gallery, have them not show up in one, and worst of all have them not show up in either. Lost pictures isn’t too big a deal for me, but lost memories is. This is the only really big annoyance and it’s something totally avoidable. The only other problem I’m having right now is that flashing the Honeycomb theme and then the Oreo Slice theme left some remnants between the two. No big deal, but it does kinda mess up the theme a little. I think I’ll do a fresh flash of the ROM tonight and post some screenshots of how mine is set up right now. One thing I’ve noticed between 2.3.3 and 2.2 is how much slower the pictures and files and other lists load. I have no idea what changed between the two versions, but it’s amazing how much faster Gingerbread is. Makes Froyo really feel sluggish.

Pros: Speedy little S.O.B.! Also remarkably stable, even when pressed. Sure it gets hot, but whose doesn’t past 1.3ghz? The themes, apps, and other addons couldn’t be more of a breeze to install. The bundled Liberty Toolbox app makes customizing your phone to the max as easy as 1-2-3. It’s really hard to believe how I lived before it. I guess I just felt pretty hardcore when I had to reboot to recovery to flash all those little changes on my Droid Eris and Droid 1. That is not the case with Liberty 2.0 and it helps make the ROM one of the most user friendly I could ever imagine using. I know it usually applies to the iPhone cliche, but I could really see my mom figuring this out after I explained it to her a couple dozen times. It makes for a really pleasurable (awkward?) experience with the ROM. No time wasted scouring forums or Googling just for that ONE little thing, it’s all right there ready to go. This is a huge plus in my book for simplicity. It makes it more about using your phone and less about figuring out another damn ROM. I’m not sure if this is really a factor when reviewing a ROM, but the community behind Liberty is huge. Why not? It’s easily the best ROM out there for the Droid X/2 based on Froyo. If you need Blur in your software, Apex is still the best way to go, but Liberty is so fast you’ll really want to think that one over. My opinion on the stock theme remains unchanged: it’s certainly decent and well done, but it’s just way too yellow for me. On top of that it straight up looks horrible on my R2D2. I know I’m in the vast minority there, but really it looks bad. But, they make it easy to install Oreo Slice on there and get your basic (slightly customized) monochromatic theme on there. Of course from there I usually make some slight (4G) adjustments, but it’s a pretty awesome theme by itself.

Overall: I can’t stress enough how much I really do like this ROM. But I’m still on the fence about using it for much longer. Sure the customization is great and the speed is fantastic (for a Froyo ROM), but it just can’t beat all the improvements that Gingerbread brings to your handset. I’m having a really hard time convincing myself to stick with this ROM, but it’s just so damn good I want to give it a good week before switching. Who knows? Maybe by the end of the week I’ll have some custom Gingerbread ROMs to install? Please devs, let it be so! Till then, feel confident flashing this ROM fellas. Rock solid, pleasantly quick, and easily customized help make this Froyo based ROM last just a little bit longer in this ever more Gingerbread world. Give it at least a fighting chance, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Download for Droid X and Droid 2 at Here

Bug Reports: Here

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Screenshots coming!!! I promise! Sorry, my internet here really sucks. I might not be able to get them up. Hopefully that changes on Friday. 🙂

UPDATE: So I base my opinions on real life “feel” but I’m only pulling ~1650 on Quadrant with Liberty 2.0 at 1.3ghz just for testing. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I can’t remember stock numbers or mine from Apex, but I know I was easily getting 2100+ at only 1.1ghz. Max with Liberty was 1704 and lowest was 1616. Is Froyo really that less inefficient? That seems a bit drastic to me. I try not to put too much faith in benchmarks, but that seemed like a big enough difference to bring it up here. Feedback in the comments with your own experience is welcome.



1 thought on “Liberty 2.0 Update: I’m Not So Sure About This Guys…

  1. I was getting quadrant benchmarks up to 2000 within hours of flashing 2.0.1. this at 1000 MHz. now that I’ve overclocked to 1305 MHz I’ve broke 2500 numerous times up to 2584. of course I’ve made many tweaks in the toolbox and liberty settings as well. they say benchmarks mean little but at these speeds with flyin and flip animations I expect my dx to jump out of my hands at any moment! liberty is truly pure performance and a tweakers dream!

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