Internet Explorer 10 Preview: Wait What?

Internet Explorer was already get a little long in the tooth, it’s about time Microsoft rolled out something new and fresh. Bring in IE10!!! Yes, just about 1 month after releasing IE9 to the world, you are now welcome to join in testing the next version of the first thing you should uninstall when getting a Windows computer. Anyone willing to dip their feet in the Microsoft browsing pool can do so here, and rest assured your pool party will be able to include CSS Gradients and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout. How many websites actually use those right now? I’m willing to bet not too many, but Microsoft is at least getting ready before technology passes them by again. Of course, you can check just what those fancy web dev terms mean in action at the Microsoft Test Drive web site.

Almost of more importance to the general computing/tablet world is this tasty little morsel: the demo they ran today? That was on a Tegra 2 ARM processor. Yep, Windows 8 can run on ARM. This is a huge deal as it opens Windows up to all the energy benefits and mobile power packages that are the ARM family. Breaking free from the power hungry Intel chips is a huge deal for Microsoft. I really didn’t think much would come of Microsoft’s tablet OS if the hardware it was forced to run on was Intel based. There’s nothing wrong with Intel, they continue to lead in the power and performance realm, but they’ve really lagged behind any ARM and even the AMD Fusion series in the mobile realm. You can catch the video below and keep rubbing your grubby little paws together, this isn’t going to be available to test to us for a while. However, running a demo on a huge stage like this shows confidence in the platform and it just may be further along than any of us realize.  Till they release more Windows 8 on ARM, enjoy your IE10!

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

Source: Engadget, Microsoft, @NvidiaOptimus (Twitter)

P.S. When you realize what a horrible mistake you’ve made, here’s a little something you might wanna look into.

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