Its the Weekend, Gimme a Break!

Alright so maybe professionalism isn’t really working out here. I work weekends and between that and some epic Nerf gun battles I’m a pretty busy fella. I’m keeping up on things via Twitter and other tech blogs, but nothing supremely noteworthy has really come out. I did want to do a piece on the Acer Iconia Tab, but I think I’ll wait till I can get a hands on. With essentially the same hardware (including an identical Tegra 2 SOC) as the Xoom at only $450 it just might be the tablet to buy. If I have the time tomorrow, however, I think I’ll end up doing my first (ha) “My First ____” post. Since no one bothered to provide input via my polls, I guess I’ll make an executive decision. But you’ll still have to check in tomorrow to see what I pick! Ahh! A cliffhanger ending!
You stay classy, World Wide W….

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