Official: Galaxy Tab Wifi

Oft rumored but never officiated, the Galaxy Tab Wifi-Only could’ve been a easy sell at only $350. However, this isn’t 2010 and only now going on sale this Sunday (April 10th) for $350, Samsung really missed the train in my opinion. With no official Honeycomb update even rumored, the Tab seems like the red headed step child of the Galaxy Class. Tough luck too cause it has decent hardware with an Adreno 200 GPU and that 1ghz Hummingbird CPU powering a unremarkable 7″ 1024×600 screen. All those specs remain intact for the Wifi-only model, but it appears only a white backed Tab will be shipping. Sounds pretty decent for that price, especially if you’re willing to get your feet wet in the wonderful wide world of custom ROMs on the Tab. Got some hankering for some Honeycomb? XDA-developers has your back. It’s quite risky and not entirely useful, but there is in fact an Android 3.0 port already in Alpha ready for you to give it a shot. $350 for a 7″ Honeycomb Tablet? Sounds like heaven to a lot of people, I’m sure. Here’s to the vibrant Android dev community! Keep it coming!


Source: Engadget

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