Dish Network Buys Blockbuster: Wait What?

You read that right. The ever expanding Dish Network has just made a rather peculiar, surprising, and incredibly powerful purchase. For a cool $320 million total value, Dish Network now has access to all it’s retail locations (what’s left), it’s branding, and most intriguingly the ability to use all of it’s streaming rights. Considering the Blockbuster is already (forcibly and irrevocably) installed by default on several popular Android phones (my Droid 2 for example) this could be a HUGE push for Dish into the mobile video on demand service. With the advent of 4G on most networks movies are becoming much more of a reality instead of a rarity. There’s lots of money to be made there, and lots of players in the game. Netflix isn’t without its peers, but with this buy out the power house that is Dish Network is easily the first true competitor to have hopes of toppling Netflix. Some kind of Dish DVR integration with their app would be incredible. Not having to buy a SlingBox would be a dream come true. Here’s to hoping Dish Network puts the heat on Netflix with this and leads both companies to better innovation and cheaper prices. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this for all involved.

Till next time, you stay classy, World Wide Web.

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