It’s personal man…

So this is my first post in my “Personal” category. I’ll try to post in here a decent amount too, but this is still going to be primarily a tech opinion blog. This category will be home to some more personal stuff that I feel might let you guys get a better picture of the man behind the blog. That being said, this post is 90% useless, but to serve as an intro. If my phone was working at the moment I’d be telling you about my dog, but that will simply have to wait. I’m also currently in the process of obtaining a new place of residence so this might be a good place for some first time house renter experiences. For the moment I leave you with this:

P.S. He is not a chihuahua, he is a Pomeranian Shiatsu mix. His grandpa was a chihuahua though. This was shot in my girlfriend’s old apartment. Yes, the house we’re looking at is together. Big steps! Exciting times. Will definitely post back with more videos of him in the new house. Tell me you’ve never heard of a cuter dog that Pixel?

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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