Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” Launches!

It’s that time of the year again boys and girls! Yes, April. This month and October are two of my favorite months. Why you ask? While yes I do look forward to the changes of the seasons, the primary reason remains my obsession with Canonical’s open source Linux operating system, Ubuntu. If you don’t know what Ubuntu is, you’re missing out on one of the most feature packed and heavily supported Linux distros available. Unity (the previously netbook only desktop environment) is now the default and that may turn off a few users. Rest assured, it’s easy enough to switch back to good old Gnome. Firefox 4 becomes the new default browser and Banshee has replaces Rhythmbox for your music player. There’s also tons of work done on the backend, as usual, and if you want to give it a try to find out more, it’s easier than ever with Live CD’s and USB images available. And it’s free! What are you waiting for? Give it a whirl! It just might change your mind about that little penguin!

Download Ubuntu 11.04 here!

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Image courtesy of Weebls-stuff.com, thanks!

Dude, I Got An App!!!

Yep, if browsing ADroidBlog.com in the mobile browser takes just too long, we’ve got ya covered. Thanks to the cool chaps over at AppsGeyser.com, I know have an easy to access Android app for you guys. Sure all it does is point you to the mobile site, but that’s not the point! WE’VE GOT AN APP!!! It’s not on the Market just yet, but I’ll let you know if that happens. Till then, feel free to hit the download link here right now. Why are you still here? Get downloading!!!

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Chrome 11 Goes Final

While not adding any new functionality from the latest beta, Chrome 11 is now the latest official version you can download. Yep, it’s finally “stable” according to Google, even though that Google Maps Navigation  app you’ve been using the last year and a half isn’t. Not much has changed since hitting the big 1-0 not too long ago. Adding in speech to text and text to speech is a huge deal for handicapped users, but not so life changing for the rest of us. Security and bug fixes abound, but nothing Google is willing to release for security reasons. The only reason I can see not to update is they decided to bump that horrid icon from the Beta to the stable version. Bad move Google, bad move. Here’s to hoping the next Beta has another redesign. If you’re with me and still don’t approve of the flat, cartoonish look to the new icon, be sure to check out my guide on changing it back here.

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Want a Kick Ass T-Shirt? TechHog.com Has You Covered

We all know Andy is a BAMF, but does the world? The world needs to know what Android is about. What we’re all about. And some of us, are BAMF’s. And TechHog.com knows that and they’re are here to help you out. My new blog host has created some pretty wicked awesome t-shirts to help you show off just how awesome being a Droid user is. Links below to pick one up, they’re affordable and bad ass. Check your bank accounts, and hop on over!

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I’m Still Here!

I know it’s been a long weekend, but believe me I’m still kicking. I haven’t left here, I haven’t even started at my other blog yet! But I also have not been feeling the best. Sickness hit my workplace and after a long week of stay up probably a little too late I hit a wall and crashed hard. I’m recovering now, might be posting a lot later. We’ve had some great stuff happening for the Droid 2 (mostly the Droid X) over the weekend. But, thanks to Jboxen, we can try out any of those juicy new Gingerbread based ROMs on our Droid 2’s! I myself have taken him up on the promise of his DXtoD2GB converter file. This little magic file sets up the keyboard, camera, and other little fixes that make any Droid X ROM based on any Gingerbread link. That’s right, even that new leak that got sent out OTA to a few lucky Droid X users. You will have to double check in the .zip that there is no (RDL) folder or (BP) folders in the .zip according to Jboxen. Those are the files that upgrade the baseband for the radio and may in fact fry your phone’s. If they have those folders, try a different version. I can personally confirm that his latest update to include working bluetooth does work. I have a long night of flashing ahead of me, but I can confirm right now that the LexLight 4.1 (the version based on that latest GB OTA Droid X leak) does work on my Droid 2. Upon initial install the Market hot reboots on any app install, but a quick data/cache wipe fixes that up. From there it’s smooth sailing. I’ll be posting a lot more of my indepth Day 1 experience with this previously Droid X exclusive later. I’m loving it so far and will let you guys know how it goes. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I have NOT in fact left, you can still count on me for continuous updates throughout the week on all the Droid 2, Android, and tech/geek/nerd news you all can handle! I will also be starting writing for TechHog.com this week. You can check out my app reviews over there sometime this week. Till then:
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LexLight 4.1 Link: Here

DXtoD2GB.zip download at DroidForums.com

Where I’m At: Hint, It Starts with a “T” and Rhymes with “Rired”

So I’m pretty much done for tonight but I wanted to get one quick post in before logging off. I’m currently running the Droid 2 Gingerbread leak. I will be trying the Droid X to Droid 2 for GB converter tomorrow morning. Froyo, even Liberty 2.0 just wasn’t cutting it. I am going to bed now.

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P3Droid Sneaks Easter Egg (Not Hardboiled) in Deodexed GB for Droid X

Oh you silly boy you! I haven’t had the chance to try this yet (me not having a Droid X and all) but feel free to hit up the source link below to get an early easter egg from none other than P3Droid himself.

Source: MyDroidWorld