Droid 2 GingerBlur Day 2: Screenshots Galore

Here we go! Trying to keep it as stock as possible + some minor Star Wars goodies, here’s my day 2 set up of the new Droid 2/x Gingerbread build. I’ll be posting more as I get things figured out. I’m also working on seeing if I can get that screen-off animation to work with the R2D2 lockscreen mods. There’ll probably be more up tomorrow, but for now feast your eyes on these bad boys. Sorry this took so long to get up. I’ll probably be reflashing the monster pre-rooted Gingerbread tonight to see how many framework-res.apk mods I can get in there. Lots of the MetaMorph themes I tried didn’t work, specifically the notification bar color and background. I also tried to change the 3G and battery icons, none worked. If anyone has any hints that’d be just great! Ha. Thanks for looking, I’ll also be posting a video walkthrough to show how speedy it is with a fresh flash.

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You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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