CRT Screen Off animations for GingerBlur Leak

It’s a little hard not to put a bazillion exclamation marks after that title cause boy am I excited about this one! One of the main things I was disappointed to see not make it in the official update was the ever so cool CRT screen off animations. Anyone who’s used the old school CRT tube monitors will feel all sorts of nostalgia when they flash this little bugger. The download link is a few posts down, and I can’t stress this enough: DON’T FLASH THIS IF YOU’VE ALREADY APPLIED MODS TO FRAMEWORK-RES.APK!!!!!! YOU WILL BE MAJORLY MESSED UP!!! Ok, I”m done now. I missed that bulletin on XDA’s page and because I’ve already applied the Star Wars Lockscreen mod my whole thing looked really messed up… good news is the screen off animations still worked! Thank God for Nandroid, Amen?

Here’s a quick video:

And here’s the original post on XDA to get the .zip to flash.

You stay classy, World Wide Web.

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