D2/DX Gingerbread Already Rooted!!!

Damn these guys work fast! Hats off (pun intended) to Team Black Hat and P3droid for making quick work of the leaked Gingerbread Blur ROMs. No need to wait folks, root access has already been exploited on these fine pairs of ROMs and its available to download publicly right now over at MyDroidWorld. Having root for me meant getting to put the Star Wars lockscreen back on my R2 unit which is great. Now I’m working on changing up the icons. AnimMod (Root) didn’t seem to apply the desired effects which is probably because it needs to be updated. Another (temporary) disappointment was the lack of overclock/undervolting. As of this writing Jrummy16 is still working on updating the app to support the new Gingerbread kernel. No its not unlocked and no nobody has gotten the keys for the bootloader. Still waiting for Motorola to release those! But while we wait, go ahead and hit the download links below for some new GingerBlur (my term).

Droid X:  http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-x-discussion/6729-droid-x-gingerbread-2-3-3-release-prerooted.html

Droid 2:  http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/droid-2-discussion/6730-droid-2-gingerbread-2-3-3-release-prerooted.html

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