PSA: Windows 7 SP1 Available for Download

Windows 7 SP1 Download Link:

There she is folks. The link you’ve all been waiting for. Well, I can’t really say that. I’m pretty sure most OS X users probably couldn’t give a donkey’s rat about a service pack update for Windows 7, but nevertheless that link up there has finally arrived for the rest of the world that still separates it’s hardware from its software. Speaking of which, the Service Pack offers up a lot of helpful stability fixes and specifically more reliability when connecting HDMI audio devices. Anyone who’s ever wanted to hook their laptop up at a friend’s house has felt the sting if they couldn’t get the HDMI audio out to work (Awkward!). What no one else has had that problem? Well it’ll probably also help the niche HTPC group too. Regardless of how you use your Windows 7 PC, this Service Pack is a must download as it includes bundled security updates as well as several so called “improvements” to existing Microsoft services. I’ll be updating later when I get to spend some time with it on both my 32-bit laptop and by 64-bit desktop. Enjoy the link till I repost!

Peace out.


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