The Android Web Market

Its always one thing after another with Google and Android. They keep coming up with stuff I didn’t know I needed and now I can’t live without! The lack of a desktop variant of the Android Market has bugged me for some time simply because the mobile one tends to feel a little bit cramped after a while. But no more!
The visually rich and immersive experience that is the Android Market online is eye catching and refined. They really hit the nail on the head design wise. There’s no wasted space, but it doesn’t feel gaudy or overwhelming. It keeps the simple green and white color scheme from the (default) Market on Android devices. As such, apps are also divided by paid or free sections, altough it consistently defaults to paid. Login is simple with your Gmail account and clicking any app on screen brings you to its page. The app’s icon is on the top left with all the basic info you were looking for available without scrolling all at a glance. Nice. All app purchases must be made through your Google Checkout account (credit card) so carrier billing is not available (yet!).
The most useful feature this new Market brings is OTA installs of apps. That’s Over The Air installs, as in, no-user-interaction-wireless-just-click-and-BOOM-its-already-installing-blow-your-socks-off simplicity. That’s seriously how my first experience was. I wondered if there was a WordPress app for Android. My previous process of going to, scanning the link, going to the market, and then installing manually was gone. All I did was sign in to, search WordPress and hit install. Being over WiFi and the app being only 880kb I barely even saw the “Downloading…” in my notifications bar. Now that’s magical (*cough* Apple *cough*).
I can currently find no real faults with the Web Market as it is. Its slick, intuitive and a downright delight to use. It even let’s you give your multiple Android devices nick names! Just in case you have so many you can’t remember them all… ha. I look forward to seeing how this full featured Web Market evolves in the future. Apple, your really gonna have to step it up with this one.
Peace out.

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